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Parties are often a part of the holidays. Company parties, family parties, and all kinds of get-togethers are part of the season.

Of course, the sudden increase in social "requirements" can be overwhelming.

When is it happening?

Parties may only last a few hours, but make sure you add in the time you're planning for the parties, you're traveling to and from, as well as the time it takes to recover from all the excitement. A "2-hour" party can actually involve an investment of several days' worth of energy.

How Demanding Is It?

Are you a social butterfly? Or an introvert who would rather stay in a quiet corner, examining your host's library? Everybody has different levels of tolerance. How much will this demand of you?

Coping Skills Are...?

Choose the amount of coping skills you feel you have. It could be that even if the demand is high, your coping skills are good. So that will affect your score.

Looking for more ideas about how to handle holiday parties?

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