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Shopping for gifts and food

Shopping can be one of the most challenging activities for autistic people during the holidays. So, obviously, it tops our list!

Check out our blog post The Shopping Challenge for in-depth discussion about "shopping while autistic" this holiday season.

When Is It Happening?

Select the amount of time you spend dealing with shopping for gifts and food. THis can include any time spent planning for and shopping for food, supplies, gifts. If you make your own gifts, include this time here as well. After you select your time, click OK to save the dates.

How Demanding Is It?

Even regular grocery shopping may take extra time and be more stressful during the holidays due to:

Coping Skills Are...

Choose whether you feel your coping skills are "up to the task" of holiday shopping.

Expected Impact (# Days)

This shows you - in a color-coded graphic - how much this challenge may affect you. The length shows the total number of days you'll be affected, the color and height show how much you'll be impacted, and the lightness/darkness of the color shows how well your coping skills will help you.

Looking for more ideas about how to handle your holiday shopping?

Join us at our Auptima Press blog to get some helpful tips on shopping for the holidays and share your ideas with others.

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